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        2020-03-11 14:08:44    


      開設課程 | Projects
      開班時間 項目名稱 學習費用 課表
      2023年11月18日 上市公司董事長高端項目 298000元 課表
      2022年09月24日 北交所資本運作董事長班 460000元
      2021年03月27日 新時代卓越管理與創新經營(EMBA)班 29800元 課表

          Yanyuan business school is a business education institution engaged in continuing education relying on Peking University and high-end think tanks at home and abroad. We are committed to training the management elites with innovative thinking, international thinking and strategic thinking. We are committed to re education at home and abroad in urgent need of professional talents, serving the healthy and sustainable development of all kinds of organizations, serving China's modernization drive, and serving the economic development of the countries along the belt.
          Yanyuan business school has its own teaching and research institutions. In the era of digital transformation, it has a strong adaptability and open vision. It has built a series of courses, such as CEO elite class, high-end enterprise consulting, capital management and so on, aimed at improving leadership, financial innovation, investment and financing decision-making. The college's Macro Policy Research Institute has been tracking, interpreting and predicting the trend of international and domestic macro policies for a long time, undertaking a number of research topics of the state, social organizations and enterprises, becoming a high-end think tank at home and abroad, serving the elites from all walks of life.
          With the unremitting efforts of Yanyuan people, the number of trainees grows at a rate of about 20% every year. In 2018, the total number of trainees reached more than 5000 (except for technical colleges); the training content has gradually enriched and improved, and 10 professional classes have been formed successively, including "board chairman class of listed companies", "culture and health class", "high-end health industry class", "policy efficient docking class". Annual income is growing at a rate of 15%. Over the past decade, Yanyuan business school has trained more than 30000 talents of all kinds for the society.
          Yanyuan business school has established 10 branches, including Hong Kong Branch, Henan branch and Gansu Branch. Through strategic cooperation, it shares various resources, such as Beijing Institute of industry and technology, Quanzhou Huaguang vocational college, and its business covers the whole country. The college plans to establish 50 branches nationwide in 2025, with an annual training staff of about 10000.
      Based on business education, business school aims to build a modern education industry cluster with the incubation of investment industry chain as the core, and move towards the goal of "a famous brand of business education with international influence".

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